Top Indie Games of 2012 – DigBoston

Trying to pick out the best indie games this year is very daunting. Any person and their mother can put out an indie game, but only the best are remembered months after their release. In itself that is an accomplishment, but to be considered the best of the year you have to go above and beyond just a sort-of cool idea.


The tales of adorable, happy robots bent on your total destruction seem to be a mainstay in indie games as of late, and after going through A Virus Named Tom, it becomes very clear as to why. They’re just too adorable. You get distracted from the rest of the game, and while this may seem like some kind of flaw, it works in this context, mostly because it disguises just what an awful creature you are. You are destroying a city because your creator got fired from his job. That kind of negates just how innocent you look. This also works to shroud just how difficult the game is, managing to keep you engaged in the puzzles but also challenging you through each level. The game is surprisingly varied considering its one-note concept, and its unique design makes it a standout entry in the puzzle genre.

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