New Deadpool Trailer Breakdown from a Marvel Fan

Marvel fans, and comic book geeks know Deadpool. He’s the “merc with a mouth,” the comic book character that knows he’s in a comic book, and has the worst Marvel adaptation in the history of Hollywood (I’m sorry Ryan Reynolds. I know you tried your best). Deadpool is so beloved and iconic, that while many people want to do the character right, they’re going to receive the harshest criticism.

I’m not sure how the new Deadpool video game is going to be, but from the recent trailer, which you can watch below, I can say that at the very least, they certainly have a Deadpool game, whether it’s the kind you wanted or not. There are some aspects that are so great that my inner comic book geek screams out in joy. However, it is extremely obnoxious and after multiple viewings, even I got a little tired of it. I could go on forever about what I like and don’t like about the video… so I’m going to.

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