The most fun you could of had in Boston last weekend was at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, where you and thousands of other people could have packed into a single room filled with widely-known developers, video game and technology demonstrations, and free stuff to weigh down your backpacks. You all walked out aching, tired, probably really hungover and best of all, your head was filled with glorious images, many of them you cannot touch for months.

Well when you explain it like that it sounds a bit tragic and overwhelming. Maybe I’m not doing this right. Let’s try that again.

PAX East 2013 is one of the biggest events of the video game year, and it proved that by selling out completely, with three-day passes selling out within a couple of days. Big-name developers such as Capcom and Blizzard used this opportunity to promote previously unannounced titles to varying degrees of success (I’m looking at you Hearthstone), and give players the time to demo future releases such as Last of Us from Naughty Dog, and Transistor, the next game from indie classic Bastion creator Supergiant. Both had at least a two-hour wait for a 10-15 minute demonstration. Some games had even longer lines that put Disneyland to shame. To play a round of Dance Central at the Harmonix booth took about an hour, and some of the smaller games had 30 minute lines.

Okay so maybe that doesn’t sound very fun at all. Shall I try one more time?

The thing about PAX East is that it is all inclusive. You walk into the expo hall and there is a game for everybody, regardless of how much you have to wait and what you expect at an illustrious video game convention. There were roleplaying and board games in the tabletop area, unfinished experiments in the Indie Showcase, and triple-A titles ranging from the obvious first-person shooters to the action-adventure sleeper hits.

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