and What I’ve Been Doing Lately

Hello readers and people who may have accidentally clicked to my website,

As you may have noticed, my freelance work has been dwindling a bit. That’s because for the past six months, I’ve been running the Deals Blog over at, searching the Internet for deals, and writing up roundups and small blurbs.

Let’s just say it’s been a very… interesting experience to say the least. I’ve learned a lot about consumer electronics if I’ve gotten anything out of this experience.

So as to not keep people unaware of my whereabouts and to remind myself what I’ve been doing, here are some links to stuff I’ve written for the Deals Blog. It’s really interesting, I promise.

Deals: Stay in This Weekend With Our Video Game Roundup (7/26/13)

Deals: Camping and Picnic Appliances for Summer Vacation (7/30/13)

Deals: Kitchen Items You Didn’t Know You Needed (8/7/13)

Deals: Photo Editing Accessories for the Best Shots (8/8/13)

Deals: Get an Editor’s Choice TV for Less (8/14/13)

Deals: How to Watch Breaking Bad (8/16/13)

That’s just a start. I’m hoping to do more at my time here (more than deals anyway). Let’s see how it goes.

I’ll be trying to get more fun work published in the future, so make sure to check back here or follow me on Twitter, because I’m shameless and you love it.

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