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This is the first interview I’ve done in a while and I’m really glad I did it. Darren Korb is a real cool guy, and his work at Supergiant Games deserves all the attention. I was especially excited to interview him because the Bastion soundtrack is one of the best video game soundtracks out there. It’s one of a few I’ll listen through fully. If you haven’t actually listened to it, I highly recommend it. 

The other great thing about this interview was that it promoted the Boston Festival for Indie Games, which is a great conference. I’m so glad after going this year and seeing just how popular it’s become.

When Darren Korb started making music professionally, he had no idea that video game music was even an option.

“I didn’t know there was a community around it, and I didn’t know it was the kind of thing you could get into. I thought it was like five guys making all the music,” said Korb in a recent interview.

Now that he’s achieved some level of success after creating the soundtrack for the 2011 indie hit Bastion, Korb sees things a bit differently: it’s not just a profession, it’s a growing community of composers, audiophiles, and fans. With video games becoming more and more complex—almost like films in some respects—sound mixing and audio direction have become almost as important as the gameplay itself. In 2012 we saw the success of Journey, which not only raked in “Game of the Year” awards, but also received the industry’s first Grammy nomination for “Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media.”

The special attention now paid to a game’s soundtrack is why the Video Game Orchestra is one of the most in-demand acts, both inside the community and out. It’s why events like Boston Plays Indies—a chiptune and video game concert organized through the Boston Festival for Indie Games (BFIG)—even exists at all.

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