Track 3: Valiant Hearts

Here is a wordcast I did with Javy Gwaltney on Valiant Hearts, which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. It’s like a podcast but you don’t need headphones.

Game Chats!

[Major Spoilers for Valiant Hearts]

Javy: This is the third episode of Game Chats! which is a WORDcast about video games where two critics talk about a single game. And today we’re going to have myself and Carli Velocci talking about Valiant Hearts: The Great War, which is a Ubisoft downloadable game. It’s made in UbiFrame. It’s very—it looks like a PBS cartoon, actually, is what I was thinking when I was playing it.

Carli: I could see that.

Javy: Okay Carli, so tell us a little bit about where you write, what you write about.

Carli: Okay, um, so I usually write for two main publications: Paste Magazine and KillScreen. I recently reviewedValiant Hearts for Paste and that’s about it, yeah. Nothing too splashy.

Javy: Okay, cool cool. So tell us a little bit about—what did you thinking about it? Because you played it before I…

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