Generic 2014 post – best of the worst year

10712986_10203768909277458_2958526221781698194_nHello everyone!

So it’s 7pm on New Year’s Eve. I have to leave for a party in around an hour, so I figure it’s about time I reminisce about the year and its sometimes very polarizing ups and downs.

2014 was a year of opposites, stories of human achievement and accomplishment mixed with depravity, abuse, and stupidity. It was the end of the “Year of Luigi,” the year of Gamergate, the year of sexism, and that’s just in videogames. It’s weird to even try and describe 2014 besides anything but “meh” and “shitty” and “ugh is it 2015 yet?”

So yeah it’s 2015 in a few hours and that’s nothing but a good thing. There’s a saying, “there’s nowhere to go but up,” and I think that applies to 2014. It seriously can’t get any worse unless the world ends (and I read “Swan Song” this year. Trust me, it can get a lot worse). As for me, I have a lot planned for 2015, or at the very least, things that I want to do. Plus, I now possess the means to get them done. I’m not going to divulge much just in case they fall through and I embarrass myself but for now, we can say that I hope to move my career in a better direction.

And despite the end of the year making it exceedingly difficult to get any writing done, there was still a lot I was very proud of when it came to my freelance writing. Here are some of the highlights:

I had a panic attack while playing The Walking Dead – This year produced a lot of great personal pieces from within the gaming community. Despite what others showed us this year, I think people’s attitudes are changing. Sure they might be changing slowly, but there is movement. One of the areas I saw that improvement was in talking about mental illness. Seeing people becoming more open was inspiring, but just finding out that I could share my experiences without fear was something entirely different.

Five out of Ten Issue #11: Soul – One of my goals this year was to successfully pitch to Five out of Ten, an independent gaming magazine. So I did. Here, I wrote two pieces. One was on the rhythm games community, which I became fascinated by, and another was on object-based storytelling. Despite personal issues, and thanks to wonderful editing, I was very happy with the way they came out.

Alternicon: From Podcasts to BDSM Fiction – This year had to do a lot with experimentation. I cold pitched to places, tried to write pieces that were outside of gaming, and put myself out there. I, out of the blue, decided to pitch to BDCWire and had a lot of fun covering the event, talking to people, and just learning to love fandom again.

Silent Killer: Mental Illness and Videogames as Therapy – I was doing the bulk of the research for this article around the time Gamergate really began, which was unfortunate and timely. Sometimes it’s hard for me to look back on this article and not think about the stress that the community soon put on everyone, but when I’m able to separate myself, it is one of my favorites.

Games of Love: The Relationships of Mass Effect and Fire Emblem – Crafting this piece really taught me about following my gut. I had an idea, worried about pitching and writing it, and for no reason at all. Because talking about Bioware and sex is fun.

I wrote a lot, more than I thought when thinking about what I would include in this post, and that in itself makes me proud. I will continue to write, produce, improve, get over insecurities, and become one with the industry (or something a little less extreme for my sanity).

As for the other elephant in the room — Postmortem Mag. This is still in the works. Personal strife got in the way for a couple of months, but this is still happening! I’m currently editing pieces and getting some of the back end stuff ready. I’m hoping that it’ll be ready to go by late January or early February. I will keep everyone posted! You can also check back in on the official website.

With that, I’ll wrap up. Here’s to a much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much better 2015.

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